77 manufacturers provide ETIM classification information via Open Datacheck HVAC

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Since ETIM 7 was introduced in Germany in 2017 for the HVAC sector, not only the number of members in the HVAC sector has increased, but also the…

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Scorecard on Open Datacheck Electronics

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Since May 2020 the Scorecard has been active on Open Datacheck Electronics. Similar to Open Datacheck SHK, the scorecard provides a simple and in…

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ELBRIDGE 2.0: The direct path from configuration to ordering

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For more than three years the interface ELBRIDGE 1.0 published by ETIM Germany for the standardized connection of manufacturer product configurators…

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4 media selling and ITEK agree upon cooperation

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ITEK and 4 media selling have agreed upon a cooperation in the field of master data exchange between industry and trade. Both companies have been…

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No restrictions on the services of ITEK by Covid-19

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ITEK currently has no restrictions in the provision of services.

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