ELBRIDGE is a standard developed by ETIM Germany to connect wholesale shops to the product configurators of the industry. The interface technically standardizes the product selection process. As "ETIM Staff Office Digital Interfaces" ITEK is in charge of the development and distribution of the standard.

With version ELBRIDGE 1.0 the following scenario is supported for the configuration process:

  1. The craftsman is registered in the wholesale shop.

  2. A configurator of the industry is accessed from the shop.

  3. If necessary, an additional registration of the craftsman takes place at the configurator of the industry.

  4. The craftsman carries out the configuration.

  5. After completion of the configuration, a redirection to the shop of the wholesaler takes place, whereby the configuration results are also transferred (parts lists or references)

  6. The craftsman can then continue working in the wholesale shop (e.g. add more items to the order) and place the order.


From 01.07.2020 a second scenario will be added with the version ELBRIDGE 2.0:

  1. The craftsman accesses the configurator via the industry website.

  2. The craftsman carries out the configuration.

  3. The results of the configuration are anonymously transferred to a central "interface".

  4. Via the interface, the craftsman selects the desired wholesaler and registers there.

  5. The configuration results are transferred to the wholesale shop and the order can be further processed.


Technological features

Web technologies

Use of common web technologies and ensuring maximum IT security


Maximum compatibility with existing shops, configurators etc.

Consistent data structures

Use of industry-standard data structures and standards / compatibility with ETIM BMEcat and ELGATE

Configurations of the industry

The following types of industry configurations are supported

Standard articles

Composition of standard articles: The result of the configuration is a parts list of articles that can be ordered automatically by number


Customization of standard articles (e.g. products in special colors or with special printing): The result of the configuration is a standard article and a reference to a stored configuration in the industry

Special requirements

Special fabrication according to dimensions or special designs: The result of the configuration is a reference to a stored configuration in the industry


Indicators for country and language are contained in the views of the configurators, data content currency in the data structures

Data content

The data contents of the interface were limited to insensitive (public) contents

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Further information and checklists

Checklist industry

Here you find the checklist for participation in ELBRIDGE for the industry

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Checklist trade

Here you find the checklist for participation in ELBRIDGE for the trade

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Current list of participants

Here you can see the current participants from both industry and trade

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BauDocs integrated in Open Datacheck

BauDocs / News  - 
The integration of BauDocs in Open Datacheck is now complete. A new tab in the article detail view now shows all assigned construction documents by article.

You can switch between the list view and the phase view. This means that especially the customer service representatives of the wholesale trade now have structured access to the largest document database in the HVAC industry and can also access the preview and download functions.