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High-quality product master data are the basis for successful sales and customer service. The search mechanisms of the customer shops, the production of the catalogues and last but not least the personal customer advisory service only work as well as the product data makes it possible. Another cornerstone for achieving the best possible data quality in the SHK sector is the introduction of a classification system for a clearly structured presentation of product master data. The industry associations ARGE Neue Medien and DG Haustechnik rely on ETIM and have been active in this area since 2015. 

ETIM is an open and freely available standard for article classification, which enables the uniform and clear description of article characteristics on an international level. Originally designed for the electrical industry, several European neighboring countries also rely on ETIM in the SHK sector (e.g. Finland, Belgium, Netherlands). In the Netherlands, a SHK-specific classification with approx. 1,700 product classes already exists. 

With the current release of ETIM Version 7 the HVAC industry standard with approx. 2,700 product classes including defined features is now available. The ETIM classification allows the uniform representation of the partly very complex product world. In the wholesale trade, the finding of products, the creation of catalogues and the consultation at the customer is considerably simplified. For the industry, the possibility is created that their products can be easily found in the huge assortment areas and thus be offered to the end customer.

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