Practical overview of delivered product data quality with XS technology

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With ITEK's XS technology and the Scorecard Add On, you and your suppliers get a compact overview of the data quality of your product data.

Manufacturers have access to their score and can view it at any time, as well as the assessment basis for deductions and surcharges, for example as users of the Open Datacheck platform. The scorecard also presents comprehensible tips on how to improve the score, as well as statistical information on the product data supplied. This means that both manufacturers and wholesalers always have a compact overview of the quality of the product data, can easily understand it, and can quickly find and communicate potential for improvement.

In ITEK's XS technology, the Scorecard Add On is used for a comprehensible and compact presentation of suppliers' product data quality. The Scorecard Add On offers you a sorted overview of the respective scorecards of all your connected suppliers and additionally the possibility to search for specific suppliers and to display the desired scorecard. An overall ranking also enables comparability, where you can filter by different criteria such as product areas, suppliers, etc. You can individually define the evaluation criteria for the score values and thus define the score algorithm.


The scorecard in a nutshell:

  1. Consistent evaluation of data quality and data depth of all suppliers on your XS platform.

  2. Possibility of different scorecard evaluation schemes, for the evaluation of suppliers from different industries.

  3. Automatic evaluation bases can be defined individually.

  4. Clear and comprehensible overview of current data quality and depth, which can be easily integrated e.g. into purchasing discussions.

or more information about the scorecard and how it works, for example, on the Open Datacheck platform, please visit our Youtube Channel here or also our website

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