BIM data Check Up for manufacturers in the construction industry

Which BIM data should be made available to the market in which formats via which channels? We analyse against the background of your products and marketing goals, the current market channels as well as relevant formats, whether and if so, in what way you should create BIM data and bring it to the market.


Data quality score

Decision support: You receive a recommendation on how to proceed and an estimate of the effort involved.

Flexible definition

As-is analysis: We analyse your product range and your markets with regard to the need for BIM data.

Transparency for purchasing

Presentation of results: We present our recommendations to you in an online workshop and you can discuss everything with us.

Advantages BIM Data Check Up

Increased presence

Increase the presence of your products with the planner. With BIM data, you can promote the planning of your products in early phases.

More turnover

In certain assortment areas, the provision of BIM data can increase the sales of your products.

Assortment-dependent recommendations

Depending on your assortment, you will receive concrete recommendations, if necessary also a step-by-step plan.

Competent contact persons

Experts support you in decision-making and further implementation.

Directly from the staff office

ITEK is ETIM staff office. With our recommendations, we ensure that you can benefit from synergies with ETIM.

Implementation support

If you would like to implement the ETIM classification after the checkup, we offer you support until completion or refer you to competent service providers.

Carry out BIM Data Check Up

You would like to carry out a BIM data check-up for your company. Just contact us and we will coordinate the next steps with you.

What our customers say

"With the support of ITEK, we started the implementation of BIM datasets via the company CADENAS. In the process, the advice and solutions of ITEK GmbH were of great help to us. Thus, in the future, we will also be able to distribute BIM data to our market partners according to the required industry standards via ITEK's data channels without any additional effort.

Many thanks at this point also for the excellent professional and pleasant cooperation".

Sebastian Jeschke 
Head of Department Master Data of the strawa Wärmetechnik GmbH


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