ETIM Check Up - Clarify the effort of an ETIM classification

Among other things, an ETIM classification usually increases your sales in the wholesale online store. With the cost-effective Check Up, we analyze your product data and give you concrete advice for a possible implementation of an ETIM classification. This gives you decision-making certainty for the ETIM classification of your product range.


Simple decision

You will receive an evaluation basis for the introduction of an ETIM classification.

Quick feedback

You will receive a recommendation within a few days.

To-Do List

You will receive a list of tasks to be completed as part of the ETIM classification.

Advantages ETIM Check Up

Increase of the data quality score

Having an ETIM classification increases your score on Open Datacheck and other platforms.

More turnover

ETIM classified data usually increases the sales of your products in the wholesale store systems.

Assortment-dependent recommendations

Depending on your assortment, you will receive specific recommendations.

Competent contact persons

Experts support you in decision-making and further implementation.

Directly from the staff office

ITEK is ETIM staff office. You will receive all info and recommendations up to date.

Implementation support

If you would like to implement the ETIM classification after the check up, we offer guidance until completion.

Carry out ETIM Check Up

You would like to carry out a BIM data check-up for your company. Just contact us and we will coordinate the next steps with you.


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Portuguese wholesale association APCMC launches industry platform

News / Supplier Portal / Standardization  - 
As part of the "Speed Up" initiative, the Portuguese HVAC wholesaler association APCMC is launching its own industry platform for exchanging product master data in the three-stage distribution channel. The project is funded by the EU.

The new platform is based entirely on ITEK technology. The platform has already been put into operation, and the pilot operation will start shortly.

The adoption of a platform for exchange of product master data is a strategic movement in the Portuguese market, essentially composed by small independent companies that are facing a growing competition of the multinational DIY big distribution chains. We are now yet some steps behind in the field of digitalization of processes and in the use of the digital marketing tools. With the platform we expect to improve fast the ability of wholesalers to compete and achieve an upper level of efficiency in the supply-chain and provide better service to the customers.

We choose ITEK technology because it works well, it is robust, simple to manage it and complies with the standards of the European industry. More, ITEK have a large experience in this kind of projects  and its know-how and support were crucial for us to accomplish our goals and complete our project , even when we are not specialists in this matters. We rely on ITEK support to make the APCMC “Speed Up” initiative a successful tool for better business and more added value in the construction market."

José de Matos, General Secretary APCMC