Open Datacheck for the wholesale

As a wholesaler you have access to the following functions

Data download

With a simple overview and various filter functions you can directly download the required product master data. Furthermore, you have direct access to PDF documents such as price lists or product catalogues. Bathroom plan data and VDI 3805 contents are also available.


On Open Datacheck you as a retailer can see a ranking of the current data quality of the manufacturers. Each manufacturer has an individual evaluation, which is composed of different criteria. Criteria are e.g. the actuality or the quality of the product master data. In addition, you can view a detailed evaluation of the data status for each individual manufacturer and download it as a PDF document if required.

Relationship Management

Through the relationship management, you can directly make requests to manufacturers. You decide for yourself from which manufacturer you would like to receive the product master data and other content. You can block relationships at any time, for example, if a business relationship no longer exists with a manufacturer.

Service Team

The Open Datacheck service team is available at any time to answer your questions about data delivery.