Open Datacheck for Wholesalers

Open Datacheck is the central platform for German wholesalers in the HVAC and electrical sectors. As a single point of information, you as a wholesaler can obtain product master data, multimedia content such as images and construction documents, and all marketing and sales documents you need for your digital processes from your suppliers.

How does Open Datacheck work for wholesalers?

All content is provided standardized in the current quality guidelines and interfaces. You can integrate all content manually or fully automated into your existing systems and processes.

Features for Wholesalers

Data Quality

All product master data, multimedia content, and marketing and sales documents are available for you to review from your suppliers.

Relationship Management

Manage your relationships with your suppliers yourself. You decide yourself from which supplier content should be sourced.

Deep Search

All content from your suppliers, such as product master data, multimedia content, and marketing and sales documents, is displayed in Deep Search in the item search and in the library.


Each supplier gets an individual score of the current data quality. A ranking provides you with the necessary overview and comparison.

Advantages for Wholesalers

Centralized distribution of product data, marketing and sales documents to German wholesalers


More than 400 suppliers to the HVAC and electrical industries provide product master data, multimedia content, and marketing and sales documents.


Integrate libraries of marketing and sales documents relevant to you into your own systems, such as the online store.

Quality-tested product data

Uniform product master data according to the valid data standards of the industry. The service team is available to assist you with data preparation at any time.

Single Point of Information

As a wholesaler, you only need one platform for your suppliers. You will be provided with all necessary content and information.

Less communication effort

The automated processes significantly reduce the communication effort, both for you as a manufacturer and for wholesalers. Both market partners save valuable time.

FTP Data Provision

Easy and automated delivery of all your suppliers' content via FTP directory.

Extensions for Wholesalers


BauDocs is the most comprehensive solution for managing construction documents from manufacturers for craftsmen in the quotation and construction site process. Integrate BauDocs directly into your online store and provide your customers with up-to-date construction documents at item level.


FTP Data Provision

As a wholesaler you have the possibility to have all product master data, including multimedia and ETIM information, conveniently provided in an FTP directory of your choice.

FTP Data Provision


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