Open Datacheck for manufacturers

As manufacturer you have access to the following functions:

Main menu

As a supplier, you can select four different functions. Under "Datenlieferungen" (data delivery) you upload your data and receive the corresponding test reports. In the "Lieferantenprofil" (supplier profile), you maintain your own supplier master data (for example, contacts, addresses). The "Monitoring" function provides you with key figures on your data deliveries, and in "Benutzerverwaltung" (user management) you can invite other colleagues from your company to the system.

Product data and testing

After you as a supplier have uploaded your data, you can view the detailed test protocols and statistics to further optimize your data if necessary. Open Datacheck helps you to detect errors in your data in detail so that you can quickly perfect your data. The syntax and individual field contents are checked directly by Open Datacheck. Logical relationships as well as external references such as images are also depicted.

Knowledge Base

You can find all important documents on the industry standard in the knowledge base. Here you can check the requirements for your product master data or look up technical terms.

Relationship Management

Through the relationship management you can directly process and manage requests from retailers independently. You decide with which retailer you want to establish a relationship in Open Datacheck to distribute your product master data. In addition, you can provide additional content such as PDF price lists or PDF product catalogues via an existing relationship. You can also block relationships at any time.


Manufacturers with score values of 95 or higher have the option of having an Open Datacheck quality certificate issued, which can be used for their own advertising purposes. Additionally, a seal is available for integration on websites. As a manufacturer, use these possibilities for your external communication.

Service Team

As a manufacturer you have the possibility to use the service team of Open Datacheck at any time. You have a contingent of 4 hours per year to get help with data preparation.