Supplier portal

A supplier portal for efficient data processes and professional supplier management, perfectly tailored to the requirements of trade and industry. The interconnected world poses great challenges for trade and industry. Without up-to-date and high-quality information, modern companies are not capable of acting.

Customer portal

Perfect product data is the prerequisite for the distribution of your products in downstream distribution stages, especially in wholesale, retail and trade. Especially extensive product ranges have to enter the systems of these customers automatically and on the basis of industry standards.

Omni Channel Stream

Omni Channel Stream (OCS) is a technology for distributing your product master data to your market partners and distribution channel platforms. Based on our XS technology, you have the possibility to distribute your product master data from your own data hub fully automated to the different target systems in the market (online shops, marketplaces, e-procurement systems, tradesmen's software, planner and architect software, etc.).

Eco information system

The HVAC sector, and heating wholesalers in particular, face a major challenge. Already when preparing offers for heat generators, water heaters, storage tanks and compound systems, the customer receives information on the energy efficiency of the products offered in the form of a data sheet and an energy label. The XS-Öko-Infosystem bundles and automates these tasks. All required information is collected in a flexible manner and made available individually.