XS Learning

Due to the increasing complexity of products, the knowledge transfer of your employees and trainees or even external customers is a challenge. There is no central place for digital e-learning content and there are no digital processes and standards available that could be used. XS Learning is designed to create a single point of information for e-learning purposes. With XS Learning you can upload e-learning content to your XS portal and thus make it available to your desired target groups.

For example, you can create a central knowledge world for your trainees. Using XS Learning, you can provide them with all digital learning content and thus digitally enhance presence and practical training. Independent of time and place, so that the trainees can work through and complete the content independently. Or, as a wholesaler, you have the opportunity to provide your craft customers with valuable e-learning content and thus promote your sales opportunities.

XS Learning can be used in many different ways. Create a single point of information specifically for your target groups yourself with XS Learning.

How does XS Learning work?

Use Cases

These are the most common use cases, yet you can use XS Learning in countless different individual ways.

Knowledge world

You can create a central knowledge world for your trainees from which they can access all relevant e-learning content.

Widget in online shop

As a wholesaler or purchasing cooperative, you can integrate XS Learning with the widget technology in your online shop to provide training content to craftsmen.

Qualification for new technologies

With XS Learning you have the possibility to train your internal employees on new technologies etc.

Advantages XS Learning

Variety of use cases

From short explanations or videos for on-demand questions to the mapping and organization of complex courses can be presented with XS Learning.

Integration with existing XS technology

You can integrate the content of your e-learning units in the Deep Search.

Target group optimization

You determine for which target groups your content is relevant and should receive access.

Simple distribution

The recording and distribution of e-learning content is designed similarly to the usual master data distribution process.

On Demand Learning

With XS Learning content, questions can be answered and learned on demand.

Easy applicability

The e-learning content can be easily downloaded or is also available in the Deep Search.

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