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How does ELBRIDGE work?

ELBRIDGE is a standard which has been developed by ETIM Germany in order to connect the wholesale shops to the industry’s product configurators. The interface technically standardizes the process of product selection. As an official project office ITEK supervises the development and distribution of this standard.


The configuration process involves the following steps:

  • The craftsman logs into the wholesale shop
  • A configurator is launched through the shop platform
  • If needed the craftsman signs up for the configurator
  • The craftsman carries out the configuration
  • After completing the configuration, the wholesale shop is re-entered and the configuration results have been transferred (Item lists or references)
  • The craftsman can then continue to use the wholesale shop (add articles to his order or place orders)


On the industry side the following configuration types are supported:

  • Composition of standard articles: The configuration result is an item list, from which items can be automatically ordered by number
  • Individualisation of standard articles (e.g. items with special colour or imprint): The configuration result is a standard article and a reference to a saved industry configuration
  • Special assemblies with custom measures or features: The configuration result is a reference to a saved industry configuration

Essential features of version 1.x are:

  • Internationalisation: Indicators for country and language are contained in the invocation of the configurator, the data item currency in the data structure
  • The data content of the interface has been limited to insensitive (public) content

Technological features of ELBRIDGE:

  • Availability of common web-technologies
  • Maximum compatibility with existing shops, configurators etc.
  • Use of customary data structure and standards / compatible with ETIM BMEcat and ELGATE
  • Maximum IT security ensured 

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