IDS Connect

IDS means Integrated Data Interface. With IDS-Connect, an interface is available that enables the software systems of the trade to access the store systems of the wholesale trade. Via the interface, the craftsman can exchange shopping baskets created by him with the wholesale store. In addition, the article deep link function allows him to directly view current prices and the availability of articles.

The interface was developed by ITEK GmbH in cooperation with the associations Bundesverband Bausoftware e.V. (BVBS), German Wholesale Association of Building Technology (DG-Haustechnik) and the German Sanitation, Heating and Air Conditioning Association (ZVSHK).



When IDS-Connect is called up by the trade software, the user is automatically logged on to the wholesaler's store system. In addition, the function as well as function-dependent additional parameters are transferred to the store system, which control the function call.

With the "Receive shopping cart" function, the craftsman can transfer a shopping cart created by him in the wholesaler's store to his craftsman software. To do this, the handicraft software opens the wholesale store in an Internet browser, accepts the shopping basket compiled here at the push of a button and closes the browser window again. The data can then be further processed in the trade software. A time-consuming manual transfer by typing or new entry is no longer necessary.


The "Send shopping cart" function enables the craftsman to transfer a shopping cart created in his software to the wholesale store and to edit it there if desired. Here, too, there is no need to enter the data twice.

Deep Link

Via the function "Article Deep Link" a request of the craft software for an article is sent to the store system via an article number. In response, a page appears in the browser which provides the desired article data.

Interface description and downloads

Version 2.5: With the version 2.5 the search of articles in the wholesale systems from the craftsman software is made possible. 

Version 2.3: Version 2.3 corresponds structurally to version 2.0, i.e. the schemes of version 2.0 are still valid. In addition, the transfer of HEATING label article lists is possible.

Version 2.0:

  • Inclusion of additional requests for login information and interface version

  • Introduction of Target as an additional input parameter for the transfer of the shopping cart from the store to the craft software

  • Inclusion of data content Flag " Diverse article"

  • Enable additional error codes for differentiated transmission of error causes 

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ITEK Customer Portal now with Open Masterdata interface

Customer Portal / Standardization / News  - 
The module for the distribution of product master data to various market channels, which is used on various industry platforms and in wholesale, now also supports the Open Masterdata standard. This means that product master data can be delivered WebService-based directly into connected software systems, for example commercial trade software or shop systems. In addition, the new function "WebService Hub" can be used to merge product data streams from different external (such as external data platforms, price databases) or internal data sources (such as ERP systems, price databases, PIM).

The ITEK technology solution is already available on several customer systems, where it enables in particular the management of ad hoc data streams in distributed cross-company architectures. It thus already supports the paradigm shift from an asynchronous, time-consuming up- and download philosophy to distributed, deeply integrated on-demand product data architectures. Typical application scenarios are:

  • Access from a commercial trade software to the products of a wholesaler
  • Access from wholesale systems to product data of purchasing cooperations
  • Access from wholesale online shops to industry product data platforms (e.g. Open Datacheck or BauDocs)

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