Omni Channel Stream

Omni Channel Stream (OCS) is a technology for distributing your product master data and marketing and sales documents to your market partners and platforms in the sales channel. You have the option of distributing your product master data and marketing and sales documents from your own data hub to the various target systems of your customers or your own systems, such as your website, fully automatically.

You provide your data or marketing documents in a defined format, e.g. from your PIM system, from Open Datacheck or another way and ensure a perfect presence in the systems of your sales channel. A variety of interfaces for different target systems are already available, so you can usually get started right away. This is active sales promotion through product master data and marketing documents.




A central multi-channel solution for product master data, multimedia content such as construction documents, and marketing and sales documents, all in one platform.


Input formats

You can choose the format in which you want to stream your data into the Omni Channel Stream. Regardless of which exports you have e.g. from your PIM system, you choose the structure!

Service Team

The service team of ITEK is at your disposal at any time. The data experts of ITEK will help you with every question.


You decide which channels you want to automatically serve via the Omni Channel Stream! You have the choice of more than 300 channels!

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Advantages of Omni Channel Stream

Automated market supply

You have the possibility to supply each of your target markets with data through a single platform

Simple distribution

Simple distribution of product master data on a variety of platforms, you only need to distribute once

Service Team

Das Service Team von ITEK steht Ihnen zu jeder Zeit mit Unterstützung zur Verfügung

All formats

All industry standard data formats and standards can be processed and distributed

Fewer questions

Fewer questions and coordination processes with specialized departments of the various wholesalers and target channels


Your product master data is available at a central location at any time


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