DATANORM generation

As a manufacturer in the HVAC industry, you face the challenge of complying with various standards and systems when exporting your products and the associated data to wholesalers and craftsmen. For example, as a manufacturer you want to distribute your product data directly to the crafts sector. As a rule, craftsmen obtain their product master data and information from wholesalers. However, there are also craftsmen who are supplied with product master data directly by manufacturers. This is because wholesalers do not stock the entire product range of every manufacturer and by obtaining the data directly, craftsmen can secure certain sub-ranges or even the entire product range from manufacturers. The product data is provided in DATANORM format so that the specialist craftsman software can process the product information.

However, DATANORM files can only be created with special software and the preparation of the data for conversion is particularly time-consuming. The Omni Channel Stream DATANORM generation channel can generate a DATANORM file from your DQR data delivery. This means you no longer have to convert the data to DATANORM manually and you have more time for the important tasks. This gives you the opportunity to provide your trade customers with individual product ranges via DATANORM.

How does DATANORM generation work?


Central conversion

Your DQR data packages are converted centrally on your Omni Channel Stream platform into DATANORM format. You do not need any additional staff or financial resources for this.

DATANORM data format

DATANORM is a data format for transferring commercial product data to market partners who have a corresponding import interface.


Handling the format and manual conversion requires advanced expertise and the right documentation. You can save time and money with Omni Channel Stream DATANORM generation.

Advantages of Omni Channel Stream DATANORM generation

Expandable target channel

DATANORM generation is a target channel of Omni Channel Stream and can therefore be easily extended.

Automatic conversion

Omni Channel Stream DATANORM generation converts a DQR data delivery (e.g. in Excel format) into DATANORM format with the click of a button. 

Time and cost optimization

You no longer have to manually convert the data to DATANORM, leaving you more time for the important tasks.

Save personnel resources

Conversion via the Omni Channel Stream platform saves valuable personnel that would otherwise be required for manual conversion. 

Easier supply of the trade

You can distribute your product data in the newly created DATANORM format directly to craftsmen who have a corresponding import interface.

Up-to-date guidelines

We take care of the current status - the applicable guidelines are recorded and constantly updated by us. You can be sure at all times that your data complies with all specifications.

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