Open Datapool

Open Datapool provides comprehensive master data to the HVAC craftsmen. Without manufacturer and assortment restrictions, the craftsmen experience a new dimension of data quality.

Open Datapool is the central platform of the building sector for cross-manufacturer product information and product data on the web, as an application and in the craftsmen's software. The product master data is checked by Open Datacheck and automatically forwarded to Open Datapool as soon as the product master data is error-free. Open Datapool thus offers the fastest route of all product data (master data, bathroom plan data, catalogues, etc.) to the trades and is available for every manufacturer and craftsman. Optimized processes result in fewer queries and coordination procedures with the individual craftsmen.


1.350.000 products

Open Datapool contains more than 1,350,000 data norm article data

200 manufacturers with bathroom plan data

There are more than 200 manufacturers on Open Datapool who provide bathroom plan data

260 manufacturers with VDI 3805

There are more than 260 manufacturers providing VDI 3805 data on Open Datapool

Advantages of Open Datapool

Centralized data distribution to the German craft sector

Quality controlled product data

Quality controlled data according to current standards of the HVAC industry

Time saving and current data

Time saving when searching for always up-to-date product information and product master data

Manufacturer data

Pooling of two- and three-level manufacturer data on one platform (in future also other trades such as tiling, electrical and plumbing)

Individual lists

Compilation of individual fast-moving items lists in the full product range of the manufacturers possible

Individual download

Individual download according to data types possible: planning data, master data, tender data, pictures, assembly and maintenance instructions, dimensional drawings

Simple research

With the help of the article search you can easily search the current product data

How can you as a supplier use Open Datapool?

Ask for the participation agreement today! Participation in Open Datapool costs 2.000€ per year for manufacturers.


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Why are high-quality product data so important?

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In times of digitalisation, it is also important for you as a wholesaler to digitalise processes such as sales via online shops. This requires perfect, high-quality product data.

Product data as well as marketing and sales documents are needed to successfully market the articles. For example, no one would buy a pair of trousers online if there was no picture of the article. But this is often precisely where the problem lies: standardised data quality that is available to you as a wholesaler across all suppliers.

Studies show that for 71% of companies, creating a uniform data and system basis is the biggest challenge when it comes to digitalisation in the sales force. This includes, for example, making data from online channels available to the sales force in order to provide better advice. (ECC Cologne, 2022)

This makes it all the more important that data, and product data in particular, is of high quality. Product data is what makes sales possible in the first place, but is also of great importance for e-commerce, logistics and shipping. After all, comprehensive digitalisation in wholesale is only possible if high-quality and uniform product data is provided by suppliers. Only then can automated processes and efficient digital distribution be guaranteed.

In addition to customer satisfaction, improved product data quality also increases the conversion rate. The conversion rate measures the ratio of visitors to your website to actual buyers. High-quality product data enables your customers to obtain accurate and comprehensive information about the products you offer.

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This contributes to a positive customer experience and strengthens trust in your brand. This in turn leads to a higher conversion rate, as visitors are more likely to make a purchase if they are sure that they will get what they expect.

One solution for you as a wholesaler is a product data management and e-commerce system. This allows you to optimise data quality, reduce process costs in data maintenance and improve your e-commerce. With the XS Cloud, you receive your individual data platform on which you can collect and manage your suppliers' product data centrally. The data is automatically checked for completeness and then forwarded to your desired end systems such as ERP or webshop.

You can find more information about the XS Cloud solution in our next article or contact us beforehand.

Are you looking for a solution for your data logistics and e-commerce? Then you are welcome to contact us by e-mail at service(at) or by phone on +49 5251 / 1614-0. We will be happy to help you.