Supplier management - XS Cloud Supplier Portal

A supplier portal for efficient data processes and professional supplier management, perfectly tailored to the requirements of trade and industry.

The interconnected world poses great challenges for trade and industry. Without up-to-date and high-quality information, modern companies are not capable of taking action.

How does the Supplier Portal work?


Simple configuration

Based on the powerful XS technology, the portal can be configured flexibly; data models and checks are configured rather than programmed in a complex manner.


Professional cloud hosting protects your suppliers' data and your own. You use differentiated user management to determine who has which rights to the product data.


Whether you want to manage 20 suppliers or 5,000 suppliers, the system scales with your requirements. Our service team will help you to onboard your suppliers quickly.

Advantages of the supplier portal

Consistent data quality

After examinations and release processes, all data is available to you in a consistent quality.

Time saving

By providing a consistent data quality and structure you can easily transfer the data into your systems.


You have full transparency of all data deliveries, quality and current status at all times.

Self-service for suppliers

Your manufacturers receive their own login so that current data deliveries can always be reviewed, delivered and the administrative effort is reduced.

Industry standards

You have the option of using preconfigured industry formats and standards, but you can also define your own individual data packages.

Further development

The standard of the supplier portal is constantly being developed. You always have access to the current version.

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The scorecard offers you the possibility to evaluate and compare your suppliers on the basis of previously defined criteria. Each supplier receives a score and is listed in a ranking together with all other suppliers.


Service team

ITEK's service team helps you with the support of the manufacturers. We can also take care of the onboarding all the way to the data release for you. Further possibilities of support are possible at any time.

Service team


You can use Learning to distribute e-learning content and make it available to your target group. The uses are diverse. Use Learning to create a single point of information for your target groups.


Product Range Integration

With XS Product Range integration, you have the option of automatically merging manufacturers' partial assortments into a complete assortment.

Product Range


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root nine und ITEK vereinbaren Kooperation beim digitalen Ausschreibungswesen

News  - 
Die in Rosenheim ansässige root nine GmbH und ITEK werden zukünftig im Bereich der digitalen Ausschreibungsprozesse eng kooperieren.

Die Partner erwarten durch diese Zusammenarbeit Synergien im Sinne ihrer Kunden, der Fokus liegt zunächst auf der SHK-Branche. Dabei wird die ITEK ihr Wissen zu Stammdaten und Stammdatenprozessen teilen, root-nine ihr Know-how im Bereich digitaler Ausschreibungsprozesse vom Planer bis zum Hersteller. Beide Unternehmen bieten bereits leistungsfähige Technologien für Branchenplattformen an und wollen auch über technologische Verknüpfungen ihren Kunden weitere Prozessvorteile bieten.