Omni Channel Stream ANGAISA Data Distribution

With Omni Channel Stream you have the possibility to generate the ANGAISA format according to the current requirements for the Italian market, to check the data quality of the content and to distribute the data to your market partners. ANGAISA is the current data exchange standard in Italy and is used in various sectors such as construction, industry and infrastructure.

How does the ANGAISA data distribution work

Product master data, images, documents, classifications and regulatory changes optimized and automatically distributed at any time according to current ANGAISA industry standards in Excel format.


Input formats

The input format for ANGAISA is by default in the Excel format. Individualized input formats based on your PIM system are also possible.

Service team

The ITEK service team is available to you at all times. This service team ensures that you can always provide the latest data requirements for all channels.

Data distribution

Data distribution works automatically or semi-automatically for the French market. The industry standard Excel output format is always exported.

Contact us for further information!

Please contact us directly to discuss questions and the further procedure. Thomas Geiss is looking forward to hearing from you.

Advantages of Omni Channel Stream ANGAISA data distribution

Automatic market supply

Automatic data distribution to the relevant Italian target channel.

Easy maintenance

Easy maintenance of your product master data, images, documents, classifications as well as approvals in only one data delivery.

Service team

The ITEK service team is available to assist you at any time.

Industry standard export

The current Excel export is automatically created and distributed at any time. 

Fewer questions

Fewer queries and coordination processes with your customers' specialist departments.


Your product master data incl. Excel export are available in one central location at any time.


Learn more about data optimization and distribution to the Italian target market.