ETIM data entry assistance

With Omni Channel Stream, you can manage the master data of your products, including multimedia and ETIM classification content. For this purpose, an Excel template is provided in which you can manage all relevant content for the SHK and Elektro branches. This solution is particularly advantageous for manufacturers if the following criteria apply:

  1. The technical complexity is simple and you have understandable products.
  2. You do not need your own software to check the data quality and you use the Omni Channel flow.
  3. The distribution of your data and product content is done via platforms such as Open Datacheck or IG Neue Medien.
  4. You do not need a print function

How does the ETIM data entry assistance work?

Manage product master data, images and documents as well as classifications according to current industry standards in Excel format at any time.


Input formats

You do not need to create a BMEcat or XML structure, you use Excel and the tool creates the actual export according to the relevant industry standard.

Service Team

ITEK's service team is available to you at any time. ITEK's data experts will help you with all your questions.

Data distribution

You can use the ETIM data entry tool to automatically distribute your data to the entire wholesale trade via e.g. Open Datacheck.

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Advantages Omni Channel Stream ETIM data entry assistance

Automated market supply

Automated data distribution via Open Datacheck

Simple maintenance

Easy maintenance of your product master data, images and documents as well as ETIM classifications in an EXCEL template.

Service Team

The service team of ITEK is at your disposal with support at any time.

Industry standard export

An industry standard export is created at any time. For example, you always receive the current BMEcat for Open Datacheck Electrical.

Fewer queries

Fewer queries and coordination processes with your customers' specialist departments.


Your product master data is available in one central location at all times.


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