Omni Channel Stream Planners and Architects Edition

In the construction industry, a special data exchange format is required for the exchange of information and data. This format is called GAEB and is used in all phases of a construction project, e.g. for bills of quantities, quotations, invoices, etc. The challenge when exchanging data with GAEB files is that the files can only be opened, read and processed with special software. If even one party does not have the right software or interface, this results in an information breach.

The Omni Channel Stream - Planners and Architects Edition is the right solution for you as a manufacturer, craftsman or planner and architect. With Omni Channel Stream, product data is prepared centrally from a data delivery as a GAEB file and made available to the relevant target groups.

How does the Planners and Architects Edition work?

Use Cases


As a manufacturer, you need to provide your product data in a wide variety of formats in order to serve various target channels and target groups. In addition to wholesalers and tradespeople, planners and architects also play a relevant role.

Planners and architects

As a planner and architect, you need various data and information on articles for tender texts and service specifications. It is important to receive these in an importable format.


In order to participate in tenders as a tradesman, you must provide your calculations and quotations as a GAEB file to ensure smooth data exchange. To do this, you need the corresponding product information and texts from manufacturers.

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Advantages Omni Channel Stream Planner and Architects Edition

Automatic market supply

You can also make your GAEB data delivery available for e.g. subsequent platforms.

Simple maintenance

Simple maintenance of your service descriptions in just one data delivery with the help of a standardized import.

Service team

The ITEK service team is available to support you at all times.

Industry-standard export

The latest exports, e.g. GAEB 90 and GAEB XML, are always created and distributed automatically.

Fewer queries

Fewer queries and coordination processes regarding data requirements.


Your data is available at a central location in all required formats at any time.


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