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XD Cloud Supplier

Manually managing and processing paper documents such as delivery notes and invoices is very time-consuming and labour-intensive for you as a wholesaler or purchasing cooperation. In addition, the potential for errors increases due to inefficient processes and inconsistent exchange of business documents.

XD Cloud Supplier is the ideal solution for you. XD Cloud Supplier is a private document cloud that allows you to exchange your business documents such as orders, invoices, shipping notifications, etc. with your trading partners in an automated and standardised way. The cloud solution is based on the EDITEC standard and helps to reduce your costs by reducing manual input and processing procedures.

EDITEC - Elektronischer Datenaustausch in der Installationstechnik

EDITEC ist speziell auf die Bedürfnisse der Sanitärbranche zugeschnitten und definiert Nachrichtenformate, die speziell für die Branche relevant sind. Beispielsweise gibt es in EDITEC Nachrichtenformate für Produktkataloge, Preisanfragen und Angebote, die auf die spezifischen Anforderungen der Sanitärbranche zugeschnitten sind.

Weitere Informationen zu EDITEC finden Sie hier:

How does XD Cloud Supplier work?


Messages and versions

The XD Cloud Supplier supports all relevant message and version standards. These include INVOICE, DESADV, ORDERS, ORDRSP, INVRPT and ZUGFeRD.

Communication channels

All relevant communication channel standards are supported. These include FTP(S), SMTP, AS2, X400, SHK Mail and WebEDI.

Data check

All documents are checked according to the content defined in the EDITEC standard. This increases the quality of your documents and allows you to digitise your processes more efficiently.

Advantages XD Cloud Supplier

Private document cloud

All content and documents are stored in your own instance. You have full control over your confidential business data.

Simple partner management

You can carry out compatibility and implementation tests with every partner for every message and every communication channel.

Time and cost optimisation

By reducing manual processing procedures, you save time and personnel and increase your process efficiency.

Customised monitoring

You can define the extent to which messages and test results should be saved and viewed.

Quick integration of partners

Partners such as suppliers only need to be integrated into the XD Technology System once and can then be individually connected and configured by you.

Customised extensions

You have the option of customising messages, message versions, checks, conversions and communication channels.

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