77 manufacturers provide ETIM classification information via Open Datacheck HVAC

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Since ETIM 7 was introduced in Germany in 2017 for the HVAC sector, not only the number of members in the HVAC sector has increased, but also the number of manufacturers providing an ETIM classification to the wholesale trade has grown steadily.

Altogether 77 manufacturers currently supply ETIM 7 data via Open Datacheck to the wholesale trade. Some other manufacturers are active in the process of creating classification data. At the end of 2020 the new version ETIM 8 will be available, but manufacturers should not wait with the classification for ETIM 8. A large part of the ETIM 7 content will also be usable in ETIM 8, so there will be no double efforts.

If you have any questions about ETIM classification, you are welcome to contact the Open Datacheck service team by phone at 05251 / 16 1414 or by mail at service(at)open-datacheck.de.