DQR 6.0 expires on 01.10.2021

Due to the expiry of the DQR 6.0 agreed between the associations on 30.09.2021, only data deliveries according to DQR 7.0 will be accepted on Open Datacheck from October onwards.

The following changes result from the new version:

  1. Mapping of price line items
  2. Mapping of fees (e.g. calibration fees)
  3. Provision of check constants to ensure the character set in data and transmission
  4. Mapping of GTIN in 14 digits for articles and packaging units
  5. Ensuring the transition from active article to discontinued and deleted article is made possible
  6. Extension of the content specifications for article descriptions
  7. Optimization of the mapping of the legal regulations on the topics
    1. ErP Directive
    2. ADR (dangerous goods)
    3. Hazardous substance information
    4. REACH
    5. Battery labeling
    6. SCIP database of ECHA
    7. Packaging disposal
  8. Inclusion of packaging unit "reusable pallet with special dimensions
  9. Elimination of gray areas in the mapping of article sets and packages
  10. Preventing standard delivery times of "0" days
  11. Removal of file name conventions for images
  12. Restricting formats for additional documents to PDF
  13. Removing duplicate image and document types
  14. Improved definition of content for different video types

Detailed information can be found as usual in the Knowledge Base of DG Haustechnik.


Participants of Open Datacheck will again receive individual optimization hints.

In addition to these quality requirements, manufacturers can provide other marketing and sales documents to specialty wholesalers through Open Datacheck. For a complete list of document types, click here.

Wholesale has now firmly integrated Open Datacheck into its processes (Single-Point-of-Information / Single-Point-of-Process). Everything is automated here, and other processes for supplying product master data and PDF documents will no longer be supported by many wholesalers in the future. This makes Open Datacheck a complete and cost-effective communication channel for manufacturers for the entire specialist wholesale trade.

If you have any questions, please contact the Open Datacheck Service Team at service(at)open-datacheck.de or 05251-161414.