ETIM release changed to every two years from now on

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In agreement with all ETIM member countries and the Standardization Committee, the Board of ETIM International decided at its last meeting that the previous 3-yearly release cycle should be changed to a 2-year cycle. This is in response to the wishes of various market participants.

This means that ETIM 9.0 will be published as early as November 1, 2022. The ETIM staff units have already informed the members of the working groups. 

The standardization of ETIM 9.0 will take place by the middle of the year. For the publication of the standard, ITEK will again offer manufacturers the proven services (checkup, migration, etc.).

For all non-ETIM members, now is the right time to contribute to the new ETIM version. Interested manufacturers are welcome to contact ITEK (ETIM staff office) by e-mail at or by phone at 05251 / 16 14 0.