Open Datacheck Elektro supports wholesaler reporting process to SCIP database

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As of January 5, 2021, companies must enter information on substances of very high concern into the SCIP database of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). Wholesalers must also report the products they trade. This is because, in the context of the REACH Regulation, all distributors along the supply chain are seen as suppliers. So far, the German legislator has not stipulated a duty to enter data in the Chemicals Act, but there is a general duty to provide information to ECHA. Compliance is currently only possible via the database.

If products are resold unchanged as supplied by the manufacturer, a simplified notification to the SCIP database is sufficient: reference can be made to the supplier's entry in the submission portal. For this, however, the wholesaler needs the corresponding SCIP number of the manufacturer for each product.

Open Datacheck helps to optimize these processes. Manufacturers can pass on their SCIP numbers directly to wholesalers via the platform (BMEcat) to enable product marketing in line with regulations.

Wholesalers receive the numbers automatically with each data delivery, either in BMEcat or as a separate list. This allows the simplified reporting process to be implemented efficiently.

In addition, the delivery of SCIP numbers is part of Open Datacheck's quality check. Thus, it appears as statistical information in the Open Datacheck scorecard.

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