Open Document Exchange (ODX): Industry associations standardize electronic document management between crafts and wholesalers

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Electronic document management between wholesalers and tradesmen is not yet fully organized in the industry. Existing standardizations are not up to date and/or incomplete.

After an extensive preparation phase, BVBS, DG Haustechnik and ZVSHK officially started the standardization process for this topic in April and experts from the associations have developed version 1 of the interface. The future standard and its implementation guidelines are based on the already established ZUGFeRD methodology and meet the contemporary requirements for authentication, communication and data structures. In the first step, the messages order, order confirmation and delivery bill were mapped.

This standardization opens up considerable potential for rationalization in electronic communication between the crafts and wholesalers. More secure handling processes as well as time and cost advantages are expected.

On the basis of the standard, a pilot group was formed to carry out the first pilot projects with order confirmation and delivery bill in the second half of the year.