Check Up computer bathroom planning

Among other things, an ETIM classification usually increases your sales in the wholesale online store. With the cost-effective Check Up, we analyze your product data and give you concrete advice for a possible implementation of an ETIM classification. This gives you decision-making certainty for the ETIM classification of your product range.


Decision support

You will receive an assessment of the quality of your bathroom plan data as well as recommendations on how to proceed.

Quick feedback

You will receive a recommendation within a few days.

To-Do List

You will receive a list of action items that will support you in your planning of digitization projects.

Advantages Bathroom plan Check Up

More digital revenue potential

Your potentials systematized.

Recommendations for optimization and future creation of bathroom plan data.

Initial statements can also be made now with regard to future requirements.

Display of the matching ratio

How well your bathroom plan objects can be assigned to specific article numbers in wholesale (costing capability).

Competent contact persons

Experts support you in decision-making and further implementation.

Direct from the industry standards experts

ITEK coordinates the development of most of the HVAC industry standards.

Implementation support

If you are planning further implementations after the checkup, we offer to accompany you until completion or refer you to competent service providers.

Bathroom plan Check Up

You would like to carry out a Bathroom plan Check Up for your company? Just contact us and we will coordinate the next steps with you.


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Warum benötigt der Großhandel Produktdaten und Multimediainhalte über Open Datacheck?

News / Open Datacheck / Standardisierung  - 
In der Youtube Playlist “Open Datacheck SHK - Use Cases” erfahren Sie, wofür genau die verschiedenen Produktdaten, Multimediainhalte sowie Marketing- und Vertriebsunterlagen benötigt werden.

Jedes Video der Playlist beantwortet eine Frage bezüglich der Anwendung der Daten auf Open Datacheck SHK. Es werden Fragen beantwortet wie:

  • Warum benötigen Ihre Kunden Marketing- und Vertriebsunterlagen?

  • Warum benötigen Ihre Kunden Produktstammdaten und Multimediainhalte

  • Warum braucht der Großhandel ETIM Klassifizierungen über Open Datacheck?

  • Warum braucht der Großhandel Baudokumente über BauDocs?

Die Fragen werden dann anhand von Screenshots und Beispielen detailliert erklärt, sodass der Umgang mit Open Datacheck einfacher und intuitiver gestaltet werden kann.