ETIM membership

The ETIM classification offers considerable advantages when finding products in large databases (e.g. shops). The use of the standard is free. But whoever wants to participate in the development of the standard has to become an ETIM member. Altogether the following exclusive advantages result from such a membership:

Advantages of an ETIM membership

Active involvement

Active participation in the structure + technology working group and in the technical committees.


Extended support by the ETIM staff office.

Mapping tables

Extensive mapping tables between the ETIM versions.

Mapping eClass

Extensive mapping tables between ETIM and eClass.

Language versions

Automatic membership at ETIM International (without additional costs).


Automatic membership at ETIM International (without additional costs).

Become a member!

You would like to become an ETIM member? Then simply contact us! The costs for a membership at ETIM Germany currently amount to 3.300,00 € per year. For the HVAC sector ITEK as ETIM staff office is available for any questions.


Learn more about ETIM or contact us directly!

BauDocs integrated in Open Datacheck

BauDocs / News  - 
The integration of BauDocs in Open Datacheck is now complete. A new tab in the article detail view now shows all assigned construction documents by article.

You can switch between the list view and the phase view. This means that especially the customer service representatives of the wholesale trade now have structured access to the largest document database in the HVAC industry and can also access the preview and download functions.