Data quality guidelines of the HVAC sector

The need to improve the quality of electronic product data in data transfer between industry and wholesalers in the sanitary, heating and air conditioning (HVAC) sector gave rise to the initiation of data quality management by the German Wholesale Association for Building Technology (DGH) and the ARGE Neue Medien (New Media Working Group) many years ago . The joint work in data quality management focused on the coordination and control of data quality within the patent verification model, but also on the optimization of processes between industry and trade in data verification and provision.

The data quality guideline is currently available in version 5.1 and was developed by the working group Standardization Master Data. It consists of representatives of ARGE Neue Medien, BVBS ( Federal Association of Construction Software), DG Haustechnik and ZVSHK (Central Association for Sanitation, Heating and Air Conditioning). It comprises a general part (DQR of the HVAC industry 5.1) as well as various appendices:

  • Appendix 1: Definition of data content / basics for data quality

  • Appendix 2: Quality requirements of DG Haustechnik for data deliveries from industry

  • Appendix 3: Quality requirements of the ZVSHK for data deliveries of wholesale trade and industry

Manufacturers who are members of ARGE Neue Medien can obtain support from them in providing the data. Those who are not members of ARGE and are participants of Open Datacheck are supported by the service team of Open Datacheck. In addition to the DQR with the corresponding appendices, an interface description for data suppliers is available, which supports a fast implementation of the required data quality. 

Download Version 7.0

The documents however are only available in German.

Download Version 6.0

The documents however are only available in German.

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