BauDocs integrated with Open Datacheck Elektro

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The Open Datacheck electrical platform has now also been extended to include BauDocs technology. This means that completeness and quality checks for construction documents are now also available for the electrical sector. In total, more than 20 different document types are distinguished, e.g. circuit diagrams, assembly instructions or certificates.

A new tab in the article detail view now shows all assigned construction documents per article. The quality check at article level also shows which construction documents are missing for an article. Manufacturers can thus check the completeness and data quality of their build documents and update them if necessary.

Wholesalers can now not only download these construction documents classically from Open Datacheck, but also integrate them on demand into their own online store or internal systems (BauDocs widget). 

If you have any questions about BauDocs, you can contact the service team by phone at 05251 / 16 1414 or by email at service.elektro(at)