Meaning and functionality of EDI

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EDI stands for "Electronic Data Interchange" and refers to the exchange of business documents in a standardised electronic format between different market partners.

With the new XD Cloud from ITEK, you can handle your document management digitally with your market partners and optimise your efforts and costs in the process. According to studies, employees spend 40-60% of their working time manually managing documents and information. On average, they spend 18 minutes searching for a single document. (IDC, 2016)

XD Cloud technology is based on the general electronic message interchange EDI. EDI is a computerised process for the automated transfer of business documents between companies. The aim of EDI is to automate and standardise the exchange of business documents such as orders, invoices, shipping notifications, etc. between trading partners. EDI is used by companies of all sizes and in all industries to make business processes more efficient and increase their competitive advantage. This allows you to respond more quickly to enquiries and process transactions faster, as all business documents are checked and automatically available in your system.

The sending system communicates fully automatically with the receiving system. No manual intervention is required. The EDI messages contain information that determines what type of content the message contains and how it should be processed by the receiving system. For example, when ordering a heat pump or socket, this includes the order quantity, article number, price and delivery address.

Advantages of EDI:

  • Reduction of manual processing of paper documents through electronic message exchange.

  • Minimisation of the error rate and increase in process efficiency through automated checking and transmission of messages.

  • Acceleration of business processes by eliminating processing and waiting times in the post.

  • Cost reduction by reducing manual recording and processing procedures.

You can find out more about how EDI works here: Was ist EDI?

The XD Cloud Supplier from ITEK is a private document cloud with which you can exchange your business documents such as orders, invoices, shipping notifications etc. between your trading partners in an automated and standardised way. Further information can be found here: XD Cloud Supplier

Do you have any questions about EDI or ITEK's XD technology? Then you are welcome to contact us by e-mail at service(at) or by telephone on +49 5251 / 1614-0. We will be happy to help you.