The three most important channels for product data distribution for electrical manufacturers

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As a manufacturer in the electrical sector, distribute all your product data to your three wholesale channels fully automatically with just one platform using Omni Channel Stream.

As an electrical manufacturer, you have various wholesalers to whom you supply your product data and marketing and sales documents. These can have various channels such as Open Datacheck, data platforms abroad or individual procurement systems of key accounts. Each process involves manual preparation and distribution of product data, which takes up a lot of time.

With the Omni Channel Stream platform, your product data is distributed fully automatically to the individually defined target systems. There are three important and relevant channels for the electrical sector through which your product data should be distributed to wholesalers.

1. Open Datacheck Elektro

Open Datacheck Elektro is the VEG industry platform for the electrical sector in Germany. Wholesalers in Germany obtain all data, documents and information via Open Datacheck and are linked to the platforms automatically with their own systems. This makes Open Datacheck Elektro one of the most important and relevant platforms for German wholesalers. The wholesale systems are supplied with their data via the Omni Channel Stream platform according to the current ETIM BMEcat guidelines (BMEcat ETIM Guideline 4.0.3 or BMEcat ETIM Guideline 5.0).



2. Benelux countries (2ba and InstallData)

2ba (Netherlands) and InstalllData (Belgium) are the leading master data platforms in their respective countries through which product data from manufacturers in the building services sector is qualified and forwarded to wholesalers. The Benelux platforms have their own data model, which can only be supplied via a BMEcat. Therefore, you as a manufacturer are forced to prepare your product data according to the current BMEcat industry standard so that you can provide it to the wholesalers. Using the Omni Channel Stream Benelux data channel, a BMEcat can be created from an Excel file and distributed to the 2ba and InstallData platforms.

3. France wirth FAB-DIS

FAB-DIS is the leading data exchange format for product master data in France for the construction and building services industry. Therefore, to deliver product data to French wholesalers, it is essential to use the FAB-DIS data exchange format. Via Omni Channel Stream you can directly supply your French market partners with your product master data as well as marketing and sales documents according to the current FAB-DIS industry standard.

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