DQR 8.0 will expire on 30.09.2023

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Due to the expiration on 30.09.2023 of the DQR 8.0 agreed between the associations, only data deliveries according to DQR 9.0 will be accepted on Open Datacheck from October onwards.

The following changes result from the new version:

Additional specification for hints on data delivery possible

Concretization of article types (variants and set)

More exact definition for the deletion of articles

Wording of dimension a, b, c at the basic article in length, width, height adapted

  • Multiple specifications of series to an article become possible

  • Execution of changes to set articles are not allowed

  • Extension of character length for file names

  • Inclusion of document type "sustainability certificate

  • Mandatory indication of sort order and description for multiple documents of the same type

  • Updating language codes to ISO 639-1 (2)

As usual, you can find the documents for DQR 9.0 in the Knowledge Base DG Haustechnik.

If you have any questions about the above topics, please feel free to contact us by e-mail at service(at)itek.de or by phone at +49 5251 / 1614-0. We will be happy to help.