Efficiently supply wholesale and trade with Datanorm files

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Create Datanorm files with Omni Channel Stream and supply wholesalers and retailers with product data centrally via a single platform.

As a manufacturer in the HVAC industry, you face the challenge of complying with various standards and systems when exporting your products and the associated data to wholesalers and tradespeople.

For example, as a manufacturer you want to distribute your product data directly to tradespeople. As a rule, tradespeople obtain their product master data and information from wholesalers. However, there are also tradespeople who are supplied with product master data directly by manufacturers in order to offer the entire range, often in Datanorm format.

However, the creation of Datanorm files is complex and time-consuming for you as a manufacturer. Although Datanorm files are simple text files, the content is difficult to understand without the corresponding Datanorm documentation. For example, tender texts are scattered throughout the file and have to be painstakingly compiled (source: Datanorm.de). Conversion from Excel to Datanorm format is possible, but an additional tool is required for the conversion itself. However, the data is then distributed manually or via an additional tool, which in turn leads to increased time expenditure.

Omni Channel Stream is the ideal solution for this. As a manufacturer, you can use the Omni Channel Stream platform to supply both wholesalers and tradespeople with product master data in Datanorm format.


The platform converts your DQR product data delivery, for example as an Excel file, into Datanorm format and automatically supplies wholesalers with your product data. This eliminates the need for you to manually convert the data to Datanorm and gives you more time for the important tasks.

Omni Channel Stream offers you as a manufacturer the opportunity to distribute all your product data centrally to wholesalers and retailers via a single platform. All data, standards and information are located at a single point of deployment and can be viewed by you at any time.

Further information onOmni Channel Stream Datanorm generation can be found here. 

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