Efficient availability enquiry between wholesale and industry

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As a wholesaler, simply request article availability on demand from your industrial partners.

As a wholesaler, you are faced with the challenge of having to check the availability of industrial products with a great deal of labour. In addition to the personnel, time and financial costs involved, this can lead to delays right through to the trade customer. In addition, the decentralised and manual maintenance of the requested article stocks and delivery capability leads to an increased potential for errors.

For example, you have several wholesale locations. Each location independently requests an article from your industry partners. This means that the manufacturer or industry partner repeatedly receives and responds to telephone availability enquiries for the same articles. These in turn are maintained by each location in its own system, without there being a centralised and standardised solution.

As a wholesaler, you can use XS Availability to request information from your industrial partners about the basic availability of items, the availability of deliveries to your warehouse and the availability of deliveries to your customers. The enquiries and associated information are provided on demand via a web service and transmitted directly to your desired systems, such as ERP software or online shop systems.


Your benefits as a wholesaler thanks to XS availability:

  • Reduced effort - Reduction in personnel and time spent on telephone and manual enquiries about article availability with industry partners.

  • Centralisation - Reduced implementation costs thanks to a central single-point solution for wholesale and industry.

  • Information directly in your systems - Always up-to-date availability information directly in your desired wholesale systems, such as ERP systems or simply on the article in your deep search.

    On Demand Webservice - The On Demand Webservice provides you with the latest item availability at any time and exactly when you need it.

You can find more information here: Availability

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