ELBRIDGE 2.0: The direct path from configuration to ordering

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For more than three years the interface ELBRIDGE 1.0 published by ETIM Germany for the standardized connection of manufacturer product configurators to the wholesale shops is on the market.

ELBRIDGE considerably simplifies the ordering process for the installer because configuration results are transferred directly to the wholesale shop for further order processing and manual data entry work is eliminated. On July 1, 2020, ETIM Germany will release a further development of ELBRIDGE, which offers the installer another user-friendly scenario.

ELBRIDGE 1.0 defines the standardized connection of a wholesale shop with the manufacturers' configurators. Until now, the installer can access the manufacturer's configurator via the wholesale shop. Once the configuration is complete, the order is placed in the wholesale shop.

ELBRIDGE 2.0 now enables the installer to access the manufacturer's configurator directly via the manufacturer's website and then transfers the corresponding configuration results to the desired wholesale shop.

ELBRIDGE is widely accepted in the industry, as it enables digital three-tier distribution. The compatibility with ETIM BMEcat and ELGATE minimizes the implementation effort. The use of common web technologies for transmission and IT security allow for optimal use in existing shops and configurators. Indicators for country and language in the calls of the configurators, as well as the specification of the currency in the data structures and the future provision of the English translation of the interface description enable international use.

After a successful pilot phase with well-known ETIM member companies ELBRIDGE 2.0 will be released by ETIM Germany on 01.07.2020. With Fega & Schmitt, FEGIME, Gautzsch, Sonepar and Zajadacz strong wholesale partners are represented in the pilot project. Also the manufacturers are already broadly positioned with ABN by Schneider Electric, B.E.G. Brück Electronic, Busch Jäger, Dehn, Hager, Hensel Electric, Mennekes, OBO Bettermann and Spelsberg.

As "ETIM Staff Office Digital Interfaces" ITEK accompanies the conception and development of the standard and is available for questions under +49 5251 / 16140 or by e-mail under service@itek.de.