Provide missing product data in online stores with ITEK's XS technology

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To be able to provide product data that is not available in the wholesale or private label system, a special process is required. ITEK's XS technology enables you to do just that.

As a wholesaler, you want to distribute product data via your online shop to the end systems of your customers, e.g. specialist tradesmen. In practice, the Open Masterdata standard is used for this purpose.

ℹ️ Open Masterdata is a communication standard for the exchange of product master data, this includes basic data, prices, texts, images, etc.. The standard was developed by the Bundesverband Bausoftware (BVBS), the DG-Haustechnik and the Zentralverband Sanitär Heizung Klima (ZVSHK) with the aim of optimizing processes and improving the supply of information. The data transfer is on demand, which means that the respective product data is made available to you directly on request.

This is because online shops cannot store and provide the entire volume of product data for each item at all times. In addition, performance is particularly important, so that the request should be processed within a few milliseconds. With the XS platform, all this is possible. Information on articles that are not listed in the online shop is made available on demand via web service using the XS platform. In addition, product data can also be requested from industry platforms such as Open Datacheck. Furthermore, missing article information or images are enriched and provided by the purchasing cooperation XS Platform On Demand.


Advantage of the Add On Webservice Open Masterdata

  • No time delay - Due to the On Demand solution you receive the latest product master data at any time.

  • Individual data scope - You can decide which product master data should be used. Thus, individual gaps in the product data are enriched.

  • Extensive usage options - The web service can also be used by other platforms. This means that private label information is also always up-to-date and available on demand.

For more information on Open Masterdata and how it works, click here:  Was ist Open Masterdata?

Do you have questions about XS technology or are you looking for a solution for your data logistics and product data distribution? Then please feel free to contact us by e-mail at service(at) or by phone at +49 5251 / 1614-0. We will be happy to help.