ID Hub service enables Open Masterdata even with heterogeneous supplier IDs

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The availability of a mapping for different vendor ID systems continues to gain significant importance, especially with the proliferation of Open Masterdata.

The ITEK ID Hub provides on demand all important manufacturer IDs from different own ID systems or the industry (e.g. Open Masterdata, ARGE-ID, BauDocs). In this way, products can be found in the combination of manufacturer ID + plant article number On Demand.

The system has already been in use for more than a year and continues to grow. Currently, more than 4,000 companies are already listed in the ID Hub and more than 10,000 assignments are mapped. It has now become the industry standard for mapping different vendor ID systems. In addition to Open Masterdata, the service is used for a variety of other use cases, such as merging different ID systems in analytics systems or international product data systems.

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