New DQR 8.0 approved

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The new DQR 8.0 has now been approved by the associations ARGE Neue Medien, BVBS, DG Haustechnik and ZVSHK.


Sie wird zum 01.04.2022 gültig und umfasst eine Reihe von Änderungen, z. B.:

  • Actuality of the assortment / recordings Formulation on price increases
  • Article sets / change of components
  • Illustration SCIP number
  • Illustration explosive ordinance
  • Illustration SVHC substances
  • Energy consumption labeling of light sources (adaptation of the regulation as of 1.9.2021)
  • Illustration structural articles
  • Definition of the use of GTIN on the article and packaging unit
  • Mandatory specification of formats for documents (PDF for all files that are not images, video or CAD)

Version 7.0 will expire on 30.09.2022. In March, as always for all manufacturers, the initial data filling will be taken over by the service team.

Do you have questions about DQR 8.0? The Datacheck Service Team is happy to help at service(at) or 05251-161414.