Optimised product data with an ETIM classification

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Article classification with the ETIM standard is easy to use and increases your sales potential by enhancing the visibility of your products.

ETIM is an open standard for the unique categorisation and specification of products. The products are assigned certain product classes, features, values and synonyms, which then make it easier to find your products in wholesalers' online shops.

For example, as a manufacturer you want to sell a washbasin. To make it easier for end customers to find it in the wholesale shops, you want to classify the washbasin according to ETIM. In an ETIM classification, each product is assigned to exactly one article class and defined with all relevant article characteristics. This means that your washbasin is assigned to the ETIM article class "washbasin" with the code EC011550, as each ETIM article class has an individual ID number. This ID-based classification model enables a clear and internationally applicable classification of products. In addition, article characteristics such as shape, colour, material etc. are now also assigned to your washbasin. Each characteristic again has an individual ID number.


With the ETIM Class Check Up and subsequent ETIM feature maintenance with the help of ITEK, you will receive added value for your company without much effort and save additional resources.

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Further information on ETIM classification can be found here: ETIM classification

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