Data provision via FTP directory

The provision of data via FTP enables wholesalers to obtain product master data including all data contents such as multimedia data or classifications automatically. You as a wholesaler will automatically receive the data deliveries of your suppliers in the FTP directory of your choice. You can also obtain this solution for ISG Datacheck, GSH Datacheck and HBG Datacheck.

Automated data provision via FTP

FTP data provision using the example of Open Datacheck

Advantages of the FTP data provision

Automated data provision for the wholesale

Data actuality

You will not miss any data delivery, you are always up to date with the product master data of all manufacturers.

Time saving

The automation saves you a lot of time in operative product master data processing due to shortened processes.

Own brands

You can obtain the product master data for own brand products from ISG Datacheck, GSH Datacheck and HBG Datacheck in the same FTP directory.

Process automatization

Automate your processes by not having to download or upload data.

Export formats

You can decide for yourself in which export formats you want to have the data made available. Choose between XML, CSV or Excel. All multimedia content can also be obtained.

Transparent data quality

You can also acquire all test protocols automatically.

FTP data provision

The one-time installation costs 500 €. If you decide to use an FTP server from ITEK, you will have to pay another 600 € per year. We will be glad to help you with the setup of the automatic FTP data provision. Contact the Open Datacheck service team directly!


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