Omni Channel Stream (OCS) is a technology for distributing your product master data and marketing and sales documents to your market partners and platforms in the sales channel. You have the option of distributing your product master data and marketing and sales documents from your own data hub to the various target systems of your customers or your own systems, such as your website, fully automatically.

Since each of the target channels has its own assessment criteria, it is sometimes not so easy to get an overview of its comprehensive data quality assessment. Omni Channel Stream maps the quality score of all the channels you serve through the platform.


How do the Omni Channel Stream Scorecards work?

Each of your target channels has an individual data quality score. These are based on the requirements of your customers and target groups. A high score can increase sales potentials.


Data quality

Using scorecards will help increase your data quality.

Service Team

If you have any questions regarding scorecards and data standards, please do not hesitate to contact our ITEK Service Team.

Data distribution

You only use one software to control Open Datacheck, and private labels.

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Advantages Omni Channel Stream Scorecards


All scorecards viewable in one place.

Simple overview

Easily switch between scorecards using a drop-down menu.

Optimization tips

Find all optimization tips directly in the respective scorecard.

Fewer queries

Fewer queries and coordination processes with your customers' specialist departments.

Data quality

Identify directly what content you should focus on.


Evaluation criteria are kept up to date according to the specifications of the target channel.


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