Checklist for participation in ELBRIDGE for the industry

If you would like to participate in ELBRIDGE, simply follow the steps below. If you need help with the setup, please contact us.

1. Download all information about the standard

You can download the interface description (German) here:

2. Sign an Open Connect contract

Open Connect ELBRIDGE is the central directory for your configurators.

For the scenario "Start of the craftsman in the wholesale shop" (see ELBRIDGE 1.0) you as manufacturer can enter which configurators you offer on the market and name the entry address (URL). This enables the market partners in the wholesale trade to automatically select your configurators via the process directory service and the following advantages arise:

  • Reduced costs in technical customer service due to significantly fewer queries, especially when updating the configurators

  • Automatic announcement of your own configurators to all ELBRIDGE capable wholesalers

The service is subject to a fee for manufacturers. The annual fee is 600 €. The set-up fee is 500 €, for ETIM members 250 €.
Of course, the announcement of your configurators in Open Connect is independent of your actual business relationship with the individual wholesalers. This agreement is still concluded individually.

3. Implementation of the interface

For the implementation of the interface on your configurators you can use the test counterpart. This allows you to check all technical functions of your interface. You can find all further information in the documentation.

4. Start the real operation

After you have successfully tested your configurators with the test counterpart, you can start with real operation. For the scenario "Start of the craftsman in the wholesale shop" we recommend that you register your configurators in the Open Connect directory service.

Do you need advice about ELBRIDGE?

We are happy to help you and offer paid consulting services to support your implementation.


Learn more about ELBRIDGE or contact us directly!

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