The three most important channels for product data distribution for refrigeration manufacturers

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As a manufacturer in the refrigeration sector, distribute all your product data to your relevant wholesale channels fully automatically with just one platform using Omni Channel Stream.

You want to export your product data to different wholesalers and also countries. But the different wholesalers and export markets need the product data in different formats and via different channels in order to transfer your product data to the existing systems.

With the Omni Channel Stream platform, your product data is distributed fully automatically to the individually defined target systems. The platform offers you, as a manufacturer, the option of setting up your own platform for data delivery to wholesalers. Thus, your product data is distributed to the channels you use. This is controlled centrally and fully automatically via the platform.

There are three possible relevant channels in the refrigeration sector:

1. Open Datacheck SHK

Open Datacheck SHK is the industry platform of DG Haustechnik for the sanitary, heating and air conditioning industry in Germany. In the HVAC industry, the DQR standard (data quality guideline) is lived. This includes a fixed set of rules on how product master data is to be transferred from the industry to wholesalers and the trade. Wholesalers in the HVAC sector obtain all product master data, documents, and marketing and sales documents via Open Datacheck SHK. The wholesale systems are automatically linked to the platform in order to always have all information available. This makes Open Datacheck SHK one of the most important platforms for German HVAC wholesalers. On Omni Channel Stream, the current data standards are always stored for checking, which automatically ensures that you always deliver your product data according to the current guidelines.


2. Open Datacheck Elektro

Open Datacheck Elektro is the industry platform of the Bundersverband des Elektro-Großhandels (VEG) for the electrical industry in Germany. The electrical wholesale trade in Germany obtains all data, documents and information via Open Datacheck Elektro and has automatically linked to the platforms with their own systems. This makes Open Datacheck Elektro one of the most important and relevant platforms for the German wholesale industry. The wholesale systems are supplied with their data via the Omni Channel Stream platform according to the current ETIM BMEcat guidelines (BMEcat ETIM Guideline 4.0.3 or BMEcat ETIM Guideline 5.0).

3. France FAB-DIS

FAB-DIS is the leading data exchange format for product master data in France for the construction and building services industry. Therefore, it is essential to use the FAB-DIS data exchange format to deliver product data to French wholesalers. Via Omni Channel Stream you can directly supply your French market partners with your product master data as well as marketing and sales documents according to the current FAB-DIS industry standard.

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