Flexible development of your own Marketing Cloud

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With the Marketing Cloud, documents and videos can be collected from a wide variety of input channels and made available to customers via a customized platform.

Wholesalers, for example, have more than one source or input channel for marketing and sales collateral such as the Open Datacheck platforms, their own private label brands, or even manufacturers that are not represented on any of the platforms. These different channels can be bundled in the Marketing Cloud. This means that all marketing and sales documents such as product catalogs, application videos or even installation instructions can be found in one central location.

The Marketing Cloud is a module extension of the XS standard but can also be used without the XS technology. The XS technology is a software for data logistics between market participants and acts as a data hub. For users, this increases their data quality and enables the central integration of a wide range of input channels.

Application examples of the Marketing Cloud

  • Website integration: Marketing documents are easily integrated on your website and updated in real time.

  • Shop integration: Direct access of marketing and sales documents to the online store of the wholesale trade customers.

  • Article information portal: Integration of libraries into their own systems, e.g. for internal sales.


The Marketing Cloud takes the approach of your own private cloud, all content and content belongs to you and no third party providers.

You can find more information here: https://www.itek.de/en/software/customer-portal/marketing-cloud/ 

Do you have any questions about the Marketing Cloud? Then please contact us by e-mail at service@itek.de or by phone at +49 5251 / 1614-0. We will be happy to help you.