Marketing Cloud

As a wholesaler, you have different input channels for documents such as brochures or price lists. Whether you want to upload your own documents and make them available to your customers or use documents from industry platforms, the Marketing Cloud is compliant with all industry standards and can integrate exactly these documents. Furthermore, you can use the platform to build your own pool of documents, e.g. exclusive manufacturers or private labels. The flexible channel management allows you to set up a channel for each target group and release it to your customers for use.

How does the Marketing Cloud work?

Use Cases

These are the most common use cases, yet you can integrate Marketing Cloud in countless different individual ways.

Website - Integration

Marketing documents are easily embedded on your website and updated in real time.

Shop - Integration

Direct access of the marketing and sales documents in your online store for craft customers.

Article information portal

Integration of libraries into your own systems, e.g. for your office staff.

Advantages of the Marketing Cloud

Your own private cloud

You have control over your documents and own all the content.

On Demand technology

Instantly update all documents, videos and content for you and your customers throughout the process.

Various input channels

Automatic supply through relevant industry platforms or manufacturers in self-service.

Your own document types

You determine all document types yourself, such as price lists, catalogs, presentations, etc. and in what form and format they should be collected.

Simple configuration

You define and configure yourself which libraries are used with which content and at which single point of information.

Fast integration

Easy integration into your own systems and processes through widget technology and standard software.


No limitation

In your own cloud, you have no limit to the number of documents, videos and channels you want to collect and share with your customers. Manage all relevant manufacturers, without additional costs.


Use all relevant content from the industry platforms and expand document types, such as price lists, flyers, etc., according to your requirements.

Easily expendable with functions

You can decide for yourself which additional functions should be integrated for your customers (e.g. clipping or document deep link). In addition, you can quickly and easily expand to additional product data management as needed.

Additional function - Document Deep Link

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