Aids and documentation for DQR 8.0

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From 1.4.2022, the DQR (data quality guideline) will be valid in version 8 and will replace the existing version 7 on 1.10.2022. With the new version a number of possibilities arise, e.g. the mapping of languages for construction documents, the mapping of logistic sets or also the mapping of different hazardous material information in the attributes.

Manufacturers on the Open Datacheck SHK platform will have the opportunity to receive a free pre-delivery checkup by the service team of the current data delivery starting 07/03/2022. A checklist for manufacturers on the new DQR 8.0 can also be requested by manufacturers. The interface documentation including templates and XML schema is available as usual in the DG Haustechnik Knowledge Base.

The current calculation scheme for the scorecard can be found on the following page.

In addition, an initial data filling according to the new DQR will again be carried out by the Service Team for each Open Datacheck manufacturer in March. A detailed test report for the new DQR will then be available.

If you have any questions about this, you can contact the service team by e-mail at service(at) or by phone at 05251 / 161414.