Benefits of ETIM classifications in wholesale

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As a wholesaler, you can benefit from ETIM classification of products in various areas.

The use cases show how you as a wholesaler can benefit from ETIM article classification to optimise your sales and improve customer experience and satisfaction.

1. Inline sales and filter options:

  • ETIM classification allows you to clearly structure and categorise your product range. Based on the ETIM attributes of the products, you can create different filters for your online shop. Filters can only be used effectively if uniformly structured attributes are stored in all products. The standardised classification according to ETIM makes it easier to integrate filter options into your e-commerce systems. This helps your customers to search for and find products in your online shop more easily.

2. Product data management:

  • ETIM enables standardised structuring and classification of product data, making it easier for you to manage, maintain and update product data. This includes attributes such as technical characteristics, categories, synonyms and other relevant information. Synonyms can be used, for example, to display alternative products.
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3. Product presentation:

  • With ETIM, you as a wholesaler can create product catalogues, brochures and other sales documents for your customers that are clearly structured and easy to understand. By categorising products with ETIM attributes, you can present your customers with uniform and appealing product information that supports the sales process.

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