The work on the ETIM 10 release in the HVAC and building materials sectors is in full swing.

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In the first months of the year, work continued actively in the ETIM Building Materials sector, but work also started in the ETIM Sector HVAC for the ETIM 10 release.

After the publication of ETIM 9 at the end of last year, 67 requests have already been made in the HVAC sector to adapt ETIM classes. For example, new classes for the classification of heating inserts are already being worked on in the heat generator product area. The participants of the working group Heating Fittings divided the classes belonging to the product area into sub-product groups in order to be able to work on the existing classes in a more strategic and structured way.

In the ETIM sector Building Materials, the focus is predominantly on the classes of the drainage sector. Here, product areas have been subdivided so that new class proposals and extensions can be developed. For example, the facade drainage sector is focusing on revising the classes relating to gutters. But also in the area of (flat) roof drainage, classes will be revised, structured and newly planned.

In the next few weeks, meetings with manufacturers are planned to decide which products should be the focus in ETIM 10.


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Further information about ETIM classification can be found here: ETIM Classification

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