Webservice Hub

With the XS Webservice Hub, you have the option of using various on-demand web services from a wide range of applications on your XS platform. In addition to your own data sources, the XS Webservice Hub also allows you to integrate remote data sources, such as the stock levels of cooperation partners.

As a wholesaler or purchasing cooperative, you can therefore use the XS Webservice Hub on your platform to increase your item availability, for example, and to network with each other. This enables you to offer your trade customers better performance and availability of your articles and product information.

How does XS Webservice Hub work?

Use Cases

These are the most common use cases, but you can use the XS Webservice Hub in countless different individual ways.

Availability request for articles

Request the current availability of articles on demand between industry and wholesale as well as wholesale and trade.

Stock exchange solutions

You can set up a stock exchange solution between your cooperating wholesale and partner companies with the Webservice Hub.

Product master data supply from third-party systems

You can use the Open Masterdata web service, for example, to deliver product master data and multimedia content on demand to your target systems, such as your online store.

Advantages of XS Webservice Hub

On Demand product data supply

Always the latest product master data without processing times for content from different systems.

Sales optimization with cooperating wholesalers

Automatic cooperation between different sales channels to increase partner sales by, for example, exchanging stock.

On demand article availability

You always have the latest information on demand about article availability for wholesalers and tradespeople.

No additional product data maintenance

No manual maintenance of product master data or information is required.

Compliance with industry standards

Industry standards such as Open Masterdata are always supported in the latest version.

Customized Webservices

You can choose from an existing selection of web services or have individual web services created.

Contact us for more information!

Would you like to find out more about XS Webservice Hub technology? Simply contact us!

Contact us for more information!

Would you like to find out more about XS Webservice Hub technology? Simply contact us!


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